Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dinosaurs ✩ Footprints

   Once upon a time  there were dinosaurs in Kimberley as well...
I joined a tour which is sort of.

Maki booked the tour same time with me.  We visit a beach with other
some European tourists by small wagon.

The wide &straight horizon, rocky many rocks.
But the rock has flat face.  When we walk there bit easier.

A guide lead us.  He orderd us to make a circle on the huge rock.
Then he pointed in a middle of the circle and said,
` This is the foot print.`

It like mold it in clay.  The heel sink deeper.  The guide show us the
panel of foot print.  We could see it`s details clear.
For a while the guide gave us time to looking for another one...

The guide coming & goes to people`s places when they call him.
He is so busy.  He must be a geologist who give a clear decision.
There is a big foot print in front of us.
I tracing the outline of it by my finger.

We are riding  a same rock which dinosaur set foot on.
This is awesome.

If I live in this town when I get upset ,  I`ll come here.
I sit down next to the dinosaur`s mark and watching the horizon
continue to the sky. It`ll be everything clear!!

My mind moving deeply...
Can I find...the something...?  I asked it to the sky.

I am standing on the wonder.
Dinosaurs were arriving is the wonder.  We are living on the earth is
the  wonder.

Well...If I see a new wonder tomorrow, It won`t be a wonder.

But the reality, I know it`s impossible.
There are 2 clues.
The first is `` staying in Broome before someone go out.``
The second is `` when part with something , I may know the how to do.``

Oh so poor of clues...   Yeah It`s absolutely impossible...
If I happen to see the someone...
It`ll be a miracle.

Fountain of life

    Dust cloud raising up.   Walking continue. Even that we enjoyed the walk.
Because of fun chat during the delightful time.

We gulp down a bottle of water for water supply.   After we were moistended.
We suddenly found a oasis on the red ground!!

... It was like that. The place looks really gorgeous botanic garden with
growing thick green & the tropic hibiscuses.

But we already know here is not a botanic garden.

There was a counter inside of  a building which located bottom of the
site.   Workers who wear uniform looking after customers there.

Outside, there were some of the place where fenced with flat woods
with wooden door.  We couldn`t open it.  Because the head of the door
says `Gate 2`.

When we see through the fence , we saw some airplanes.  So here is an
airport.   But It`s really unique.   It`s locating in a beautiful nature world.

This place caught my mind.  But time to go now.
We just watch the sign again at the entrance.
`` Broome international airport.``

They say international.  But the mean flying to only near country from
So There is no direct airplane to fly to Japan.

I want to fly away from this airport.   It gonna be a nice memory for me.
But how many airplane I should use to be back.
It must be long way.

If you want to get beautiful memories sometimes you need to be tough.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shining under the sea

   Maki she is a best friend in Broome.  We visit to the town centre first.
We thought this town is a beautiful little gem.   It`s like a resort island.

But here is a authentic touristic place.  Still many souvenir shop here.
And  Guess what!?    This town has a storong connection with Japan.
But It`s a sad history though...

We visit to the Japanese cemetary.   A lot  of Japanese divers sleep here who
were picking pearls from in a deep sea.
Many divers were working in North & West Australia somewhere in 1870.

They have good quality of technique.   So they` ve got heaps of work order.
And In 1880, After the Broome became a capital of pearl,  They moved to Broome

Working busy, diving deeper & often which mean getting increase the risk of
Caisson disease too.

-----When people working at the high pressure place ( It`s like a bottom of the sea.)
for a while,  Nitrogen blend into the blood.
After that if you go back to the normal condition suddenly, the Nitrogen become
bubble and block the blood vessels.

On the stone monument,  I saw strong Japanese words.  Those are their name &
their hometown.
I looked still their spirit dwelling there.

I guess that they spent brilliant days here.
But such a tarented  young divers finally couldn`t come back from the deep sea.

*** There is a pearl festival in Broome every year.
    2013  Fri. 13th Sep. --- Sun. 22nd Sep.
   2014   Fri. 5th  Sep. --- Sun. 14th  Sep.
   2015   Fri.  28th  Aug. --- Sun. 6th Sep.

Friday, May 17, 2013

B.P. Matter

       Nice & Warm shower, Soft & comfy bed at the hotel makes you a part of nice
 memorial of your travel ... normally.
But BackPackers is an accommodation which absolutely difference with that.

There are domitory room. It`s 3~8 people share in a room.   It`ll be together with
stranger. So some people may say no to stay in B.P.

Especially, this B.P.has a 32 bed room.  It`s 4 set of bank beds times 8.
The each set separates by walls but the edge of the walls, there is 1M gaps.
It`s for access to the next room easier.

But the system maybe for the airconditioning.  It can make rooms cooler  together
at once.
Broome is in the Kimberley area.  It`s a tropic climate.  So?  The B.P. doesn`t
give us any duvet, pillow,as well.
We can just lay down on a bed simply. some people do it in a sleeping bag
on the bed.Is it an another good idea?

And most surprise is no hot water for shower.   Even middle of hot summer we use
hot water for get reflesh.   But It can be helped.
There is nothing there.

I can enjoy the sun heated water.
I can be happy everytime.  It`s up to my mind direction.

Comfortable days

  I arrived the information centre.  Inside, heartful colour from wall & the Didgeridoo
sound making good environment.   Then I found a nice tour  brochure
from the shelf .

At the counter I booked a dinosour foot prints tour & BackPackers booking for switch.

When I go out, something appered in edge of my sight. Slowly I look at the way.
I found a couple of lizerd!!  I tried to be closer.   They suddenly stand up & running
away with their 2 legs.

Maybe I scared them. But their running style was so funny. 
It was like a commedy film.

Next day  the next Back Packers wagon came just in front of present B.P. entrance
for pick me up.
As a person who has typical Japanese character I don`t want to give any worried to
the present owner.

Usually Japanese we want to move to the other place qwietly.
Because we dont`t like any fighting from conpetitive of getting costomers between

When the driver put my baggage into the wagon, the present B.P. owner came out.
I been little shocked.
But They doesn`t care.

Hello How are you? blah blah...
Have a good day.    Same to you...

They have smile through the conversation.
My worried gone with the Nothern West winds everything.
I envy people`s relationship in Broome.     I love it.

Local people

   I gone out for looking for an information centre.  Normally people ask how to get
somewhere at the information centre.

I walked for a while. I saw quite a huge open space.  There is only big tree.
It`s spread the branches longer.   Many leaves makes quality shadow area under
the tree.

I saw an aborigine there. I met with local people first time except  a busking
Didgeridoo player in the sightseeing spot.

I asked him the information centre. He pointed a house to me.
I saw it where locating far away.
He continued talk to me.  ` You can go there from right way.`
He indicated the way with his arm.

`Or you may go there from left way.`
His rising arm drawing a circle counter clockwise this time.

And ` Otherwise you`ll go just straight ahead.`

Anyway I said `Thank you.` to him.  After I start to walk, I thought.
Does he fun to me?  Maybe he thought that I`m child?!
(Because  Most Japanese looks younger than real age.)

Or there is such a how to say in their traditional conversation...?
If I get some aborigine friend I may solve the question soon.

But I also worried about their kind mind when they give me their authentic
meal at their welcome party.
  Because I` ve heard they sometimes eat big caterpiller for their protein...

I can`t accept it...  How can I explain them about ` no accept it` doesn`t same
mean` decline our friendship`.
Anybody knows the answer???

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ice breaking to unexplored area

     I woke up with a neck pain.  I was surprised at the landscape through the
 bus window.
The ground is red!!  It`s like chilli sauce!!

I got off from the bus.  The air is so refresh.  It`s against  my imagine.

I bought a Aunt Mac`s pie which was my fashion & a fizzy drink in a petro
At the noon I drank a Wendy`s Ice cream shake .  It was bigger than my

When I doing Ice break to the unexplored area, it was with those Junk food...

After I arrived in a Backpackers, I went out for buy something to eat with an
England couple.  The outside gots dark.

This Backpackers has got little bit a complicated system.   We have to pay
deposit to plates, cutlary, cups each by each except common stuff like pans,
cutting boards etc...

Also I have inreresting in  other Backpackers  what`s going on there. (Because
There are no Backpackers in Japan.  )
So I decided to swich to the other one  after spend 2 nights here which I `ve booked.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Each ways

   Catching clams!! We doing it instead of catch some fishes.  Maybe I had
 the experiance once when I was childhood...
But honestly I don`t know how to do  it exactly.
Other girls same as me. The boys teach it to us.( How to dig sands etc.)

Surprised!! There were heaps of them.
We all really enjoyed it.

We never knew which we can have some Japanese meal in a edge of the continental
in Sothern hemisphere.
The meal`s name is Osuimono(A clear soup this case with fresh clams)
We little bit miss Japan...

Making something from the biginner in a place of time moving slowly that is

`Where are you going next?`
This question is really popular among working holiday makers.

Non & Yui they are going to Carnarvon where has many orchards & Vege fields.
So the guests  can eat fresh fruits & Veg as much they can at the accommodation.
That`s nice!

Except them other 4 people go to the Exmouth for swim with a Whale shark.
In that time I didn`t know the shark is friendly. So I thought scary that swim
with sharks...

After I knew the real , I`ve got laugh lots.

And me.   I have to skip this area as much as I can sooner.
Because I spent lots of time at Perth.
I had only 1 1/2 month time for going 2/3 around of Australia.
Is it crazy?!
Everybody says samething `It`s too short!!` to me.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Monkey Mia

    It`s hard to open my eyes. The ripple crushing the sun lights on the
water face.  I wore sungrasses.
Otherwise, sun may sting my eyes.  I thought so.

People coming out from near Bungalows slowly slowly.
People who taking a walk near hear coming to beach as well.

Everybody get together at the shore.  Their feet are under the water
until knees.
They face to holison and just waiting in line.

Suddenly somebody shout with joy but have a care and other person
as well. Because everybody doesn`t wants to make scares to cute
which has back fin.

They came closer.
Sometimes they watch us with their cute eyes from under the water

They looks smiling. No. They are smiling!!
`Dolphins come here for meet to people.` Guide said.
`Sometimes 2,  sometimes 8 everytime diference number. Because
they are wild.`

Also somebody can feed to dolphin( The food = fish    is only small
amount.  For keep a natural circulation.)

The guide decided a lady  who was an Australian actress.
But I couldn`t remember her name. Maybe she is not so much famous?
from overseas...

I thought that I want to meet with Rose Byrne instead of her ###

After that people walk into a shallow water.
And Dolphins are swimming between people`s side & side.
Everybody enjoy to spend time with them.
But we can`t touch them.  Because we can`t give them any stress.

Only some part of body allowed to touch by guide.
It`s like side tummy.  I touch there.
It`s quite tough & smooth.

Touching is maybe that`s enough.  But another my desire growing
which swimming with them freely.
When I thought so, I was forget about I can`t swim.

There are Pelicans a lot.  It`s near the dolphin`s beach.
There are almost 50 cm high?!  Big!!
And so much friendly.
They come closer & closer.

When I noticed they made a circle around of me.
That is rare oppotunity.
My friend took photo.

When we saw the photo after expose,It was lighting white wide line
from the sky to me in a Pelican circle.
Someone say ,
` It`s looks God taking you up to the sky.`

mmmmm... I thought I don`t  want to go there yet.

Holiday of Denham

     A just straight road. It`s all the way along the shore line. 
Around of this road, It was called Denham.
There are only few shop.

An accommodation, An information bureau & a little museam with
sea creatures which from ocean front of it.
A petro station &a pub restaurant. A Deli shop.

I popped into & bought something there.
Before I return, I looked back at the way where I walked.
Because I really enjoyed the take a walk.

Why was that? Because the temperture which almost same with
human`s one wrap my physical likes velvet.
Or the reason is wind slip and came from sea face.
Or the seabreeze was not too much salty.

I had a really nice & cozy holiday near the beach.

A long squared accommodation, You can see it in a tropic area.
Rooms, kitchen & bathrooms everything facing to a long corridor.
I shared a twin room with a girl her name is Non who travelling
with other Japanese girl.

The share room has small kitchen.  But we don`t use it.
Because there is a bigger one in a public space.

`Only yourself travelling from Sydney isn`t it?!  Oh maybe you can
make friend easier than us.`
Non`s friend Yui said that at the kitchen.

` We are travel two of us. So just we spending time only ourselves`
` You are really brave person. We are shy...`
other girl said that who sharing triple room with Yui.

` And travelling as two, sometime maybe one of us have to give up
which someone`s interesting place.`
girls talk continue...

`We `ll go each favorite place during day time and at night We`ll be
together at accommodation. As the dinner time, we can enjoy to talk
about each places story.`

Suddenly two boys joined into our conversation.
Also they offered their fishes to us which they caught at sea today.
We washed them, sprincled  salt on it and brought them to BBQ
grill in a court yard.

The other hand, boiled rice, made tea & made salad, finally we
done everything!!
`Wow long time we didn`t eat fresh fish!`

Clap Clap.
The boys says .
`If you guys like this Do you want to catch the fish with us Tomorrow?`

We discussing tomorrow`s plan together on the same table.
Don`t  be surprised.
The night, We held the fish party by 7 people it`s only Japanese at the
Denham`s accommodation.   Till late...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Night before the full moon 2

     During the long autumn night in Perth is  much warmer than
Japanese one.   We turned off some lights for saving electric.
Then we noticed before the full moon  outside.

The night was quiet. We view it for a while.
When we noticed that  it`s too late, when 4:30 a.m. again.

Next night we met at kitchen again. It`s like we `ve promised each

He said ` Naughty.` with chucle when I wear a sunglasses after his
Or  ` Make a cup o tea!` The bossy attitude imagined me a scene
of couple who live together.

I told him which I`ll leave here tomorrow.
After he sip a cup of tea he said.
`I knew that there is a fall in love even in a short trip.`

I heard it . It was like a just his opinion after he watched movie.

I wrote a small map on a piece of paper which he  wants to know
the shop.
He put it into his pocket on his T-shirts. carefully.

I`ve got impressed...And he said.
` I extended one more night. You should stay here too!`
He shook my heart.

But the timming that I understood does`n t matter.
I have due to go back to Sydney.  Also I have my seacret purpose.
which I have to accomplish it absolutely.

Even there is almost zero percentage to be success.
But  still I go to the place for no regret.
I have to leave here tomorow.

When I was preparing breakfast with sleepy eyes, Ruz came.
` Oh good morning.` I said.
` I leave here now.`

Then he was waiting  and watch me for a while for wait some
words from me.
But he left here soon with close his lips tightly.

I couldn`t say anything any good word in this situation.
I didn`t have anything seacret intention .
I just was thinking that he is so cute like my little brother...

But now I miss him very much.
Did I like him as well?
`Only during a short trip...`
He said so.

So It` doesn`t complete like the moon...
I`ll be OK.  Maybe.  I guess.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Night before the full moon

   Pour some hot water into my cup...   I bring it carefully.  If he seemes
 busy who sitting near the arch, I was going to pass through.
Just in case, I saw the direction.  I surprised. Because we caught our eyes
each other.  It`s like a roaring thunder.

Oh maybe there is no meaning. In the vacant kitchen, if you hear any
sound, you may doubt that somebody is there.

I came nearer to him with bitter smile.
`Still here...?  Doing your homework?`
` You should sit down!`
And then he answered me.
` I `ve done my home work.`

He slowly start to talk about his English school & due of his staying
here...  and so on...

I talked about myself to him too. It`s like an echo.

We met first time today. But the talking continue longer.
We were there together untill 4:30 a.m.

After I gone to bed, still his voice continue in my ears.
`Angel Kiss is doesn`t taste good But SOTB that is funny name
but taste even better.`

He (his name is Ruz.) is a interesting person.
His talk which learnt at his former worked  bar with customers
is fun.  If I have a chance, I want to talk to him again I thought.

During the daytime, I spent time with my mates & We made dinner
I really happy to be with them.

But I still looking for Ruz in a kitchen.

Where did he go during the daytime & dinner time.
Does he come to kitchen again tonight... I have no idea.
But still I went to the kitchen for make my tea tonight.

Brightly lighting in the kitchen.  Even nobody there, always like
that anyway.

I`ve watched  same place. He is there!  When I try to pass through,
 for make tea first suddenly a sound happen.

He slowly kicking a chair which in front of him.  And grinned and
said ,
`Here you are.`
I sat there.

He offered me some cookies. I said him .
` Hey Ruz, You`ll give burden  to your physical If you eat something
such a late night.`

He picked up some eraser grounds and throw them at me with
saying ` You affecting a older sister...`
I told him puffing out my cheeks.
` It`s not affect. It`s real...`

He brought cookie into his mouth.
It seems defiant attitude.

Or he showed off himself with this story which many girls liked
him when he was a member of satellite team of professional
 succer league.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013


      Big shouting with joy. I saw horse between people & people.
Gentlemen bet on a favorite. Ladies make their dress competition each other.

Melbourne is a capital of horse race. But this Ascot one is not too bad too.

I just enjoy a vege pie insted of the race. But my friend he quite enjoy it
more than  his chunky pie.

I saw my mate off on a street.  I upset.
Then Hide who I`ve met him in Esperance invite me to the race at lobby
of an accommodation.

He just had  a  good experience. But he completely beaten.
This time I cheer him up.
On the way back, my mate surprised when they saw us on a street.

I introduce him to them.  We can make our friend circle bigger every day.

The night, I went to Yakiniku(Grilled meat) restaurant with my mates
who stay at same accommodation.  But one of them will leave this place

I have pain in my chest.
I really want to be together longer with every members of my mate.

I was staying in Perth long time as much as I can during my round trip
time.Because of they are there...

I dreaming to meet them in Japan again.  If we can make it, I want to
talk the treasure story of Perth with them.
Till then, I still keep it in my mind...

Many different travellers staying in this place. But almost everybody
eat dinner on same time.  So the kitchen become hectic condition.

Tonight we ate the dinner outside so we could avoid the panic.
After that  we say bye and go back to each dormitory( Then I was stay
in  a single room with some reason.)  for get a tooth brush, towel etc. in
the dark ( Because other people may sleep on the other bank bed.)and
go to the bathroom.

Before you go sleep , If you want to drink something you have to go to
kitchen  back with a tea bag.
( You know BackPackers  hasn`t any amenity set even in a single room.)

This huge kitchen made with 3 middle sized rooms.
Each room connect by place which is hollow out wall with arch formed.

Suddenly, somebody called me from near the arch.
He was my mate T.  Must be he was sitting down there for a while.
I could see that from his empty cup.

T introduce his friend  who sitting front of him to me.
`He is staying in same dormitory room with me. He is a good boy
just 2 years younger than me.`

T is same age with me.  So this boy is 2 years younger than me as well.

He said `Nice to meet to you.` with friendly sweet smile.  It`s like a
pretty puppy.
` Good night.`
I left the place .

I just start to study in my room.

My cup become empty.   Normally I`m enough only cup of tea.
But tonight ,  I thought I want to drink more.

Maybe he is not there...
Anyway I`m going to the kitchen with my empty cup.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Esperance ( Town of the hope)

     I was having a plan that when I come to Perth I want to go to
Esperance as well absolutely.
I arrived at the accomodation as chilly night and got up in early

I walked to the nearest beach. There were some people who catching
fish. I talked them and got fresh air.

At the accomodation, I saw Saori who I met at Perth station last night.
We discuss at the kitchen about today`s plan.
Because Day tour etc. are expensive and doesn`t flexible time.

Then Saori`s friend Hide came.  We decided that we are going to
share lent a car for drive ourselves.

At Pink Lake, we surprised.  The colour it`s doesn`t pink like a
pamphret. (The colour from water weeds & bacteria which can lives
in salt water.)  It`s close to white.

It`s continuing white ground until the horison.
Sunlight strongly reflect on it. Too windy. We walk little. Then we
found some little paddles.
Inside of the water has pinkish colour.

Is it connect with season or weather?
If more water here, we could to see lovely pink colour.

Next we went to Lucky Bay. That`s  a nice name!
At this place made upside down a common sense.
Normally if sky is grey, surface of the sea can be grey as well.

But this long white sand Lucky Bay has beautiful Emerald green
water even under the dull sky.
What a stunning colour is this...

There was a rocks beach near here.  When Hide climbing up the
rock, 2 girls were eating luncn.
Put some cheese between 2 breads.

And ` I have a whole lettuce! ` I showed Saori.
`Wow good job! Taking Vege is difficult for traveller sometimes.`

When I peel the leaf It was bit muddy.  I bring it  to the sea and I
wash it .
We ate the wild sandwich with bit seasalt accent.

After that we roll up our bottom of clothes and went into the water.
It was warm.  Our opinion were same.
If we live near here and come here every day...
It `ll be a supreme life style!!

Friday, March 22, 2013


 I travelled to Germany without any airway or seaway.  It`s Adelaide
 surburb in Australia where I was little shaken by bus from city centre.
The place German has settled first.

When I got off at the last stop, there was a colourful european landscape
with beautiful sweet flowers.
A carriage and pair passing through by trot.

When I was  enjoy window shopping, I found a black board sign.
It says ` Butter Carving      admission  is free`

I walk down to the building .  Inside is little dark. But some bright
light came in from some small windows up there.

There are many great sculptures it`s like animals, flowers and
famous overseas buildings...
At the end of the exhibition I saw The Marlion. ( It` s Singapore icon
you know?)

Only this has a difference aura.  I thought maybe the artist has
something nice memory in Singapore who knows?!

Time has come to go City back already.
When I look back the Hahndorf again from inside of the bus,
The place seemed a gorgeous painting to me.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Truck driver & Man of the Ocean

 When I got up, the bus was stopping. It`s time to break I thought.
People come in & goes. One of the person who came back from BP
statin, stick something out me suddenly.

My eyes opened clearly . He said,
`Here you are.`
And he sat down next to me & started to eat his wrap himself.

He is an OZ. His name is Andy.
When he sat down first time at the deperture depot,  We greet each

He is going back to his house now from his work place.
He is a truck driver which long hours work.
So the following day is his day off.

I surprised. Because, These passenger are not all of them tourist  like
He gave me his business card.

Because this is his kindness which If this little alien knows native
friend gonna be something easier.

I woke up because chilly. But Andy sleeping in peace.
I worried which he doesn`t feel cold or not.
Because he wear only half sleeve T-shirt in this freezing area.

He holding his own pillow. And some other people as well.
I`ve got a good new idea.  Maybe next time, I`ll take this one.

I just pick up my thin jacket from my small bag quickly for
make myself warmer.

In the wrap  there is some scramble eggs. This is my first
experience to eat meal from BP station.
When we arrived in Adelaide, I have plan to buy something to

But the plan doesn`t came true.

Suddenly bus is stopped for Andy.  Because he lives near here.
He says `Thank you & Bye.`

I saw a small resident area in semi desert from bus window.
I never seen it in my life.
It was a big difference with the Tokyo life.

I  arrived in Adelaide. I walking down to back packers.
City is quiet. Just a few people walking.
It`s like a set of the drama making.

I was lost in front of a big city map on a street.
Then somebody call  me.
` Can I help you?`
There was a surfer(It` s just look like.) Korean boy behind of me.

I told him my back packer`s name.
I really thanks for the help.

He took me there and helps check in for me.
He brought my buggage to the room for me.
So I went to the entrance for see him off.

Then he said his name and `My name which mean the man of the
[ I thought Wow  his looking & name really suit each other.]

He pointed a backpackers where is across the road.
` I staying there. If you need any help, most welcome anytime
you want.`

I just remember about this rumour which somebody says...
` Korean man `ll get status when they get Japanese electricity & a
Japanese lady which has enough strong & high quality.`

When I was staying in Adelaide, I didn`t any chance to know
the rumour is just joke or not.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

To the next stage

   The one week was runnnig by fun time. I really appreciate to my flat
mates all.
A couple of days ago,Toyomi drop my big suitcase off at my next
working place.

I had contact with my family in Japan, stuff of the travel agency, friends
in Sydney...

At last night my flat mates held a farewell party for me.

Finally, The noon has come.
Shiro & Tuku who were in the kitchen in that time, they saw me
off at the flat entrance next to the post box.

When I lift up my big bag,
`Halka are you OK? It seems that bag shouldering you.`
`Is it possible to go around yourself?`

`Hehe... I `m OK.`
My flatmates worried me extremely.
but I wave my hand elegantly.

I cought a bus on a wide road end go to the central station.
At the station, the bus is waiting  which takes me to the unknown

Milk Girl

      Making foreign friends is not so difficult.  But the keeping
relationship needs tough mind which is never give it up sometimes.
Ohji  he is a innocence person and he is a exactly person who has the
never give it up mind.

So, he has heaps of friends?
Who knows!?

Ohji invited us to a casual party which hold in a English pub in Sydney
It`s nice & moody pub. We were exploring inside for a while.
Then Ohji`s friend came.

His name is Daryl. We enjoyed talk with him.
After one lot of conversation Daryl said to me suddenly.
`Anata wa  kawaiidesu ne.(You are cute.)`

I feel shame and I said him.
`Not really...`
But the situation is almost same as usual for him.
He told to everybody.
`I`ve heard ,You can say , [Anata wa kawaiidesu ne.]to girls.
You can make girls happy always.`

Everybody got laugh. I felt shame...
Ohji said.
` I`m not the person who thought it to him.`

Daryl said continue.
` And girls who has big breast we call Gyunyu(milk)girl
are we?`

Everybody became speech less.
`What sort of words you`ve teach him...`
`Never. I didn`t teach him anything like that...`
Ohji panicked.

Everybody made fun and night of the party goes on...

He hide something from you

In those days there were choco bikkie which sell with this catch phrase,
`Your girlfriend hide something from you.`
It`s still long sellers.

When I ate it first time,The scales fell from my eyes.

My only OZ Flatmate Michel actually I don`t know him very well.
Because I `ve heard this story which he had sexal relationship with
a Japanese girl. ( The girl prosecuted to our landload.)

So,I had bit scared from him.

When I was the kitchen by myself  I caught his eyes.
When Michel gone to the shower room with bombed hair & come back.
After we had greet he said.
`Please come to my room.`

I bit nervous what should I do.
When I went into his room, he carefully opened his fridge door.
It was like open a tresure box.
There were some box of the choco bikkies there.

` Keep it in  a fridge till before you eat!! It`ll be much tasteier.`
He gave it me & he eat it with satisfied smile.
And we had a conversation little.
I talk to him my future plan which about my round trip.

` Take care and good luck to you.`he said.
We were bathing in the sun in his room.
I had a nice time with him.

I felt shame about scared him.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Starry Sky Tour

  Naoto he seldom come to the kitchen where our common place. But
Today he came.
`Whould you like to advertize my original tour to your frieds?`
and distributed handbills.

Even he is a working holiday maker through.
He doing everything about tours himself.

Ohji said.
`If We know your tour,we can highly recommend it  to our friends.`
`Why not.`

Naoto decided take us to his original tour as a comprimentary.
We visit a wide field by his 4WD.
There are no artifical lights.

We could see beautiful panorama.
Naoto guided us.  We enjoyed it.
After that we spend time freely.

I was watching stunning sky continue.
How tiny thing I am I throught.
Then somebody said, `Don`t you feel cold?`

Suddenly he put a big jacket on my shoulder and hug me from my
back tightly.
Samebody who was  Naoto asked me,
`Can you recognize the Southern Cross?`

He hold & rise up my right hand & crossed.
I had goose bumps. Because I just remember about [ He is a really
busy person with girls.]

` I... I`m all right.`  I refused.
He gone somewhere. 
Later  We got on to 4WD again & go back home all together.

But Naoto never talk to me again.

Next day I talk to the story to my flat mates at our kitchen.
They said,` Oh, sorry. That`s his really habit...`
` He said before his favorite type. That`s opposite with you Halka.`

Strangely enough After I left this flat , I`ll be meeting with only
Noto again.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My Flatmates

  At the Paddington Market when I was enjoy to look around,Suddenly
somebody asked her(Shiro) something.
She answered in English.

I couldn`t recognized the pronunceation difference.
But the person asked her.
`Are you come from CANADA?`

After we left from market area,Shiro said to me.
`I have lived in CANADA.`

I envy her. Even I don`t know Australia yet. but I want to know bigger
world I thought.
What a greedy fellow I am!

Next day me & Shiro visit to travel agency for buying my round ticket.
I was lost at numerous ways. But I choosed one finally with limited days
& money.

I became a member of YHA. I got the hand book, map, and the bus
I already excited with highest voltage. Is it too early???

We went to the north shore.  There is a grove of building which is
many Japanese company. Many Japanese living.
There are some stylish shops but it seems nose up ladies.

It`s quiet. We can see small number of people on the street.
Then we saw our friends who ate breakfast together at flat.

They are go to school of Japanese language teacher`s.
We joined them for have a look their lessons.
It was so interested.  A Japanese language teacher became one of
my future`s dream.

Flat share

  This first one of flat share experience is the most excited one
for me maybe.

Sada took me to the flat tour.
`This is Michel`s room.` It` a bottom of the corridor.
`And This is Shiro`s and mine`s opposite.`

`A bathroom follows. As the share house shower time is bit important.
We have to find good timing each other for avoid trafic jam.`

`There is a Naoto`s room at the next bathroom.
 He is a extremely busy person for girls ae well.`
Every fltmates smily bitterly.
And Tuku`s Ohji`s room follows after and mine`s close from entrance.

This is a 7BR house.

Tuku, he just eating cooked noodles direct from the pan. he said,
`You know I can save dishes.` with shy face.
Sada goes to a fridge for get a bottle of milk for a bowl of cornflaks.

Ohji is sitting cross- legged on a sofa holding cup of coffee & look down
to a magazine with scerious face.

Shiro put some water into the flying pan for soak after she made
scranble egg. And put a toast on a plate. Then,
`Halka Do you have something?`

I brought some food from my room.
Shiro made a cup of tea for me which she bought from Franklin
supermarket on sale.

After finished breakfast, boys gone out.

Then Shiro, she told me minimum rules at this flat.
Doing dishes and put them away for the next person.
We have to save up water all the time.

How to use of the gas stove.  There are some rooms for each
people for foods on a cupboard and in a fridge.

Sometimes need put name on a food containers for understand
that who`s food is this.
These rules can be change sometimes by flatmates discuss.

Making rules, maybe good experience of active life.

A head hunt !?

   I  was standing in front of a notice board with home sick feeling.
I was a biginner of SYDNEY life without any friend. (but during my
Australian life except that time, I never got a home sick  again through.)

  I caught a poster with my eyes which says ,
`Flatmate wanted` in Japanese.
Then I had a contact with her who name is Toyomi.

......something like that. Truth I can`t remember that crearly.
Because I was in a melancholy mood.

  I met with her for chat up and my empty hole filled up.
I satisfied enough so I didn`t meet with Toyomi after that
for a long time.

But one day, you know,The Creopatra kicked me out ,Then
I remember Toyomi and she helped me.

She has some flat in Sydney.
She took me to one of them in Dover heights in Sydney.
Then Toyomi introduce 4 friendly flatmates to me there.

Their names are Shiro, Sada, Tuku, Ohji.

I told them about my tragedy. And I said the reason why I`ll
stay only 1 week here...
The reason ...

It was a bit lucky day when my work finished earlier , I was at
a nearist bus stop from house for go to the City.

Me & One other lady only two were wait for the bus for a while.
Sky is clear blue, quiet here , I can here only breeze sound that`s all...

Then the lady asked me,suddenly.
`Are you a Japanese ? Do you live near here?`
`What do you do? Are you happy with it?`

My mind sprang up.  Maybe she cast spells on me.

Then she said me,
` There is a Japanese house keeper  at my boss`shouse. She gonna
go back to Japan soon. If you like Do you want to replace as her

I surprised and felt happy with the offer.
I believed her from her warm hearted smile.

Her place is a neighbourhood. I visit there for a simple interview and
I stuck with a mind which any time I can start it...

But the start will be 2month later...
2MONTH?!  what can I do?  I don`t want be die at the Creopatra`s

Hunt a job, shift a house, change them all 2mth.later.
That`s just annoying ... OR Maybe It`s good timing to deperture
to the round trip?

Australia. That`s a huge continental !!
Even I don`t  have a enough brave feel yet though.
But... Maybe...Yes! I should do it!!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

At the second work place

    Dark and wet...such a room here is.  there is a small window with iron poles just up
Is here a jail?   No.   Warm lamp, comfy bed reminds me that I wasn`t in a jail.

   Suddenly, An extension phone like alarm is on.  This hair-raising sound makes me
think am I servant instead of a house keeper?

  When I hear the sound I have to go up to ground floor immediately.

   More than a month past in Sydney. I started to work at the 2nd work place.
In the morning, I help to make chldren`s lunch box.  I put a sandwich made by wheat
bran,cereal bar, fruit, a small pack of biscuits etc. in to a colourful tupper ware
(plastic box).

   And I set a box of fruit juice with the lunch box put them into a children`s bags.
And I organize breakfast for the family.  I eat something together.

   After I saw them off  at the kitchen and put everything away to certain place.
Next I turn a washing machine on.

   At same time I vaccumming from 3rd floor.  And I do cleaning children`s ,
wife&husband`s,  guest`s & my own bath room.

   On the middle of the way, I hang laundry out on the laundry line in a green grass
garden on 3rd floor.
   And I go back to the formar work again.

   Next, A glass of dining table,table of living room,A huge wall made with mirror.
I have to polish up all !!
  I have to keep it up even children put their finger prints on it tomorrow again.

  Rubbish bins out,dried laundry in...
This work killing me...Already It`s 3 a.m. now.

   I think deeply.  This is wrong.
I am a just normal working holiday maker.
Learning overseas culture, Travelling, these are main purpose.

Work?...just a little needs. Only when I want money.

This is  really waste of time that a day past with only hard work.
As an interview, there were less work on the listed paper than present.
It`s increased day by day.

My working holiday agency wrote a letter to the host mother.
But she said me,
`If I pay you more, you solve the plobrem do you?`
( she wants  hire me with cheaper wages than proper house keeper.)

Back to the laundry room and ironing. I pick my washed shoes out from
the washing machine. I took it out to the green grass garden.
Then I remember there were many people when child`s birthday party.
And a clown distribute balloons to wee guests.

It was the scene which I`ve been culture shocked .
I viewing a harbour bridge over there.  Now I felt empty.

The host mother put tattoo eyeline in around of her eyes which doesn`t need
write it every day. Her bobbed hair until collarbone length with glossy black
colour. I imagine it`s like the Cleopatra from egypt.

Her walking like a qween always. The attitude maybe from her confidence
which successed to her business.
Host father is a smart lawyer.

The couple become billionaire themselves with their luck of their job.
This gorgeous mantion show us the brilliant story.

There was a bath room which the couple doesn`t use in this house.
One day the host mother orderd me to dust away of the bathroom.
I just went there next to their main bedroom & walk in clothet.

When open the door  I surprise it.
What a wide bathroom is!! It`s like a public one.
I wipe from end to end of a dresser.
I thought if I put away those many small bottle of fregrance on the dresser bench,
must be easy to wipe up.

When I open the cupbored under the bench, I doubt my eyes.
I closed the door quick ,check behind me , and slowly I open the other side as well.
I saw same one.  Which mean the dresser is fulled up with it.

Are they made money with it ?
No No...Maybe this is just tea leaves...Maybe.

I never say to my agency about the leaves,but I only say I want to quit
this job. Notice is one week.

One night. At the kitchen. I let the host mother know about it.
Then she shout me,
`If you don`t like it you shouldn`t stay here anymore. Get out from here

After a second ,
`You can stay tonight. But you have to leave here during tomorrow daytime.`

I upset. What can I do...Suddenly my friend`s face appered in my head.
He is really friendly person but he lives himself at a small room.
I still think in front of a land phone...

I flashed. Yes. Maybe she is OK.
I rang her. She said yes.

Tomorrow morning she came here for pick me up. The host mother gave
me $100 note and she said,
`This is your wages.`

And she showed me her back after she said,
`Good Luck.`