Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Monkey Mia

    It`s hard to open my eyes. The ripple crushing the sun lights on the
water face.  I wore sungrasses.
Otherwise, sun may sting my eyes.  I thought so.

People coming out from near Bungalows slowly slowly.
People who taking a walk near hear coming to beach as well.

Everybody get together at the shore.  Their feet are under the water
until knees.
They face to holison and just waiting in line.

Suddenly somebody shout with joy but have a care and other person
as well. Because everybody doesn`t wants to make scares to cute
which has back fin.

They came closer.
Sometimes they watch us with their cute eyes from under the water

They looks smiling. No. They are smiling!!
`Dolphins come here for meet to people.` Guide said.
`Sometimes 2,  sometimes 8 everytime diference number. Because
they are wild.`

Also somebody can feed to dolphin( The food = fish    is only small
amount.  For keep a natural circulation.)

The guide decided a lady  who was an Australian actress.
But I couldn`t remember her name. Maybe she is not so much famous?
from overseas...

I thought that I want to meet with Rose Byrne instead of her ###

After that people walk into a shallow water.
And Dolphins are swimming between people`s side & side.
Everybody enjoy to spend time with them.
But we can`t touch them.  Because we can`t give them any stress.

Only some part of body allowed to touch by guide.
It`s like side tummy.  I touch there.
It`s quite tough & smooth.

Touching is maybe that`s enough.  But another my desire growing
which swimming with them freely.
When I thought so, I was forget about I can`t swim.

There are Pelicans a lot.  It`s near the dolphin`s beach.
There are almost 50 cm high?!  Big!!
And so much friendly.
They come closer & closer.

When I noticed they made a circle around of me.
That is rare oppotunity.
My friend took photo.

When we saw the photo after expose,It was lighting white wide line
from the sky to me in a Pelican circle.
Someone say ,
` It`s looks God taking you up to the sky.`

mmmmm... I thought I don`t  want to go there yet.

Holiday of Denham

     A just straight road. It`s all the way along the shore line. 
Around of this road, It was called Denham.
There are only few shop.

An accommodation, An information bureau & a little museam with
sea creatures which from ocean front of it.
A petro station &a pub restaurant. A Deli shop.

I popped into & bought something there.
Before I return, I looked back at the way where I walked.
Because I really enjoyed the take a walk.

Why was that? Because the temperture which almost same with
human`s one wrap my physical likes velvet.
Or the reason is wind slip and came from sea face.
Or the seabreeze was not too much salty.

I had a really nice & cozy holiday near the beach.

A long squared accommodation, You can see it in a tropic area.
Rooms, kitchen & bathrooms everything facing to a long corridor.
I shared a twin room with a girl her name is Non who travelling
with other Japanese girl.

The share room has small kitchen.  But we don`t use it.
Because there is a bigger one in a public space.

`Only yourself travelling from Sydney isn`t it?!  Oh maybe you can
make friend easier than us.`
Non`s friend Yui said that at the kitchen.

` We are travel two of us. So just we spending time only ourselves`
` You are really brave person. We are shy...`
other girl said that who sharing triple room with Yui.

` And travelling as two, sometime maybe one of us have to give up
which someone`s interesting place.`
girls talk continue...

`We `ll go each favorite place during day time and at night We`ll be
together at accommodation. As the dinner time, we can enjoy to talk
about each places story.`

Suddenly two boys joined into our conversation.
Also they offered their fishes to us which they caught at sea today.
We washed them, sprincled  salt on it and brought them to BBQ
grill in a court yard.

The other hand, boiled rice, made tea & made salad, finally we
done everything!!
`Wow long time we didn`t eat fresh fish!`

Clap Clap.
The boys says .
`If you guys like this Do you want to catch the fish with us Tomorrow?`

We discussing tomorrow`s plan together on the same table.
Don`t  be surprised.
The night, We held the fish party by 7 people it`s only Japanese at the
Denham`s accommodation.   Till late...