Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

To the next stage

   The one week was runnnig by fun time. I really appreciate to my flat
mates all.
A couple of days ago,Toyomi drop my big suitcase off at my next
working place.

I had contact with my family in Japan, stuff of the travel agency, friends
in Sydney...

At last night my flat mates held a farewell party for me.

Finally, The noon has come.
Shiro & Tuku who were in the kitchen in that time, they saw me
off at the flat entrance next to the post box.

When I lift up my big bag,
`Halka are you OK? It seems that bag shouldering you.`
`Is it possible to go around yourself?`

`Hehe... I `m OK.`
My flatmates worried me extremely.
but I wave my hand elegantly.

I cought a bus on a wide road end go to the central station.
At the station, the bus is waiting  which takes me to the unknown

Milk Girl

      Making foreign friends is not so difficult.  But the keeping
relationship needs tough mind which is never give it up sometimes.
Ohji  he is a innocence person and he is a exactly person who has the
never give it up mind.

So, he has heaps of friends?
Who knows!?

Ohji invited us to a casual party which hold in a English pub in Sydney
It`s nice & moody pub. We were exploring inside for a while.
Then Ohji`s friend came.

His name is Daryl. We enjoyed talk with him.
After one lot of conversation Daryl said to me suddenly.
`Anata wa  kawaiidesu ne.(You are cute.)`

I feel shame and I said him.
`Not really...`
But the situation is almost same as usual for him.
He told to everybody.
`I`ve heard ,You can say , [Anata wa kawaiidesu ne.]to girls.
You can make girls happy always.`

Everybody got laugh. I felt shame...
Ohji said.
` I`m not the person who thought it to him.`

Daryl said continue.
` And girls who has big breast we call Gyunyu(milk)girl
are we?`

Everybody became speech less.
`What sort of words you`ve teach him...`
`Never. I didn`t teach him anything like that...`
Ohji panicked.

Everybody made fun and night of the party goes on...

He hide something from you

In those days there were choco bikkie which sell with this catch phrase,
`Your girlfriend hide something from you.`
It`s still long sellers.

When I ate it first time,The scales fell from my eyes.

My only OZ Flatmate Michel actually I don`t know him very well.
Because I `ve heard this story which he had sexal relationship with
a Japanese girl. ( The girl prosecuted to our landload.)

So,I had bit scared from him.

When I was the kitchen by myself  I caught his eyes.
When Michel gone to the shower room with bombed hair & come back.
After we had greet he said.
`Please come to my room.`

I bit nervous what should I do.
When I went into his room, he carefully opened his fridge door.
It was like open a tresure box.
There were some box of the choco bikkies there.

` Keep it in  a fridge till before you eat!! It`ll be much tasteier.`
He gave it me & he eat it with satisfied smile.
And we had a conversation little.
I talk to him my future plan which about my round trip.

` Take care and good luck to you.`he said.
We were bathing in the sun in his room.
I had a nice time with him.

I felt shame about scared him.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Starry Sky Tour

  Naoto he seldom come to the kitchen where our common place. But
Today he came.
`Whould you like to advertize my original tour to your frieds?`
and distributed handbills.

Even he is a working holiday maker through.
He doing everything about tours himself.

Ohji said.
`If We know your tour,we can highly recommend it  to our friends.`
`Why not.`

Naoto decided take us to his original tour as a comprimentary.
We visit a wide field by his 4WD.
There are no artifical lights.

We could see beautiful panorama.
Naoto guided us.  We enjoyed it.
After that we spend time freely.

I was watching stunning sky continue.
How tiny thing I am I throught.
Then somebody said, `Don`t you feel cold?`

Suddenly he put a big jacket on my shoulder and hug me from my
back tightly.
Samebody who was  Naoto asked me,
`Can you recognize the Southern Cross?`

He hold & rise up my right hand & crossed.
I had goose bumps. Because I just remember about [ He is a really
busy person with girls.]

` I... I`m all right.`  I refused.
He gone somewhere. 
Later  We got on to 4WD again & go back home all together.

But Naoto never talk to me again.

Next day I talk to the story to my flat mates at our kitchen.
They said,` Oh, sorry. That`s his really habit...`
` He said before his favorite type. That`s opposite with you Halka.`

Strangely enough After I left this flat , I`ll be meeting with only
Noto again.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My Flatmates

  At the Paddington Market when I was enjoy to look around,Suddenly
somebody asked her(Shiro) something.
She answered in English.

I couldn`t recognized the pronunceation difference.
But the person asked her.
`Are you come from CANADA?`

After we left from market area,Shiro said to me.
`I have lived in CANADA.`

I envy her. Even I don`t know Australia yet. but I want to know bigger
world I thought.
What a greedy fellow I am!

Next day me & Shiro visit to travel agency for buying my round ticket.
I was lost at numerous ways. But I choosed one finally with limited days
& money.

I became a member of YHA. I got the hand book, map, and the bus
I already excited with highest voltage. Is it too early???

We went to the north shore.  There is a grove of building which is
many Japanese company. Many Japanese living.
There are some stylish shops but it seems nose up ladies.

It`s quiet. We can see small number of people on the street.
Then we saw our friends who ate breakfast together at flat.

They are go to school of Japanese language teacher`s.
We joined them for have a look their lessons.
It was so interested.  A Japanese language teacher became one of
my future`s dream.

Flat share

  This first one of flat share experience is the most excited one
for me maybe.

Sada took me to the flat tour.
`This is Michel`s room.` It` a bottom of the corridor.
`And This is Shiro`s and mine`s opposite.`

`A bathroom follows. As the share house shower time is bit important.
We have to find good timing each other for avoid trafic jam.`

`There is a Naoto`s room at the next bathroom.
 He is a extremely busy person for girls ae well.`
Every fltmates smily bitterly.
And Tuku`s Ohji`s room follows after and mine`s close from entrance.

This is a 7BR house.

Tuku, he just eating cooked noodles direct from the pan. he said,
`You know I can save dishes.` with shy face.
Sada goes to a fridge for get a bottle of milk for a bowl of cornflaks.

Ohji is sitting cross- legged on a sofa holding cup of coffee & look down
to a magazine with scerious face.

Shiro put some water into the flying pan for soak after she made
scranble egg. And put a toast on a plate. Then,
`Halka Do you have something?`

I brought some food from my room.
Shiro made a cup of tea for me which she bought from Franklin
supermarket on sale.

After finished breakfast, boys gone out.

Then Shiro, she told me minimum rules at this flat.
Doing dishes and put them away for the next person.
We have to save up water all the time.

How to use of the gas stove.  There are some rooms for each
people for foods on a cupboard and in a fridge.

Sometimes need put name on a food containers for understand
that who`s food is this.
These rules can be change sometimes by flatmates discuss.

Making rules, maybe good experience of active life.

A head hunt !?

   I  was standing in front of a notice board with home sick feeling.
I was a biginner of SYDNEY life without any friend. (but during my
Australian life except that time, I never got a home sick  again through.)

  I caught a poster with my eyes which says ,
`Flatmate wanted` in Japanese.
Then I had a contact with her who name is Toyomi.

......something like that. Truth I can`t remember that crearly.
Because I was in a melancholy mood.

  I met with her for chat up and my empty hole filled up.
I satisfied enough so I didn`t meet with Toyomi after that
for a long time.

But one day, you know,The Creopatra kicked me out ,Then
I remember Toyomi and she helped me.

She has some flat in Sydney.
She took me to one of them in Dover heights in Sydney.
Then Toyomi introduce 4 friendly flatmates to me there.

Their names are Shiro, Sada, Tuku, Ohji.

I told them about my tragedy. And I said the reason why I`ll
stay only 1 week here...
The reason ...

It was a bit lucky day when my work finished earlier , I was at
a nearist bus stop from house for go to the City.

Me & One other lady only two were wait for the bus for a while.
Sky is clear blue, quiet here , I can here only breeze sound that`s all...

Then the lady asked me,suddenly.
`Are you a Japanese ? Do you live near here?`
`What do you do? Are you happy with it?`

My mind sprang up.  Maybe she cast spells on me.

Then she said me,
` There is a Japanese house keeper  at my boss`shouse. She gonna
go back to Japan soon. If you like Do you want to replace as her

I surprised and felt happy with the offer.
I believed her from her warm hearted smile.

Her place is a neighbourhood. I visit there for a simple interview and
I stuck with a mind which any time I can start it...

But the start will be 2month later...
2MONTH?!  what can I do?  I don`t want be die at the Creopatra`s

Hunt a job, shift a house, change them all 2mth.later.
That`s just annoying ... OR Maybe It`s good timing to deperture
to the round trip?

Australia. That`s a huge continental !!
Even I don`t  have a enough brave feel yet though.
But... Maybe...Yes! I should do it!!