Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

33.Turkish pide

We bake bread almost every day.
From same dough, once a 10times? or more
He can make nice Turkish Pide!
That's awesome yum...


First time! I ate this in my life.

When We cut it , I saw the shining inside.

It's like when I opend a jewel box...

The taste similar with mandarin little bit.
And quite juicy it was splusned everywhere...

31. St. Kilda Beach

Beautiful coulour of the Ocean...

Beautiful waves...

Long peninsula parallels the St.Kilda Beach.
You can see the earliest first sunrise in the World
on New Year's Day at the end of peninsula.

Other side is a Golf cource.

Seagulles bathing in the sun...

IT was a nice day.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

30. Otago girls High

Long time ago, I came here for ask Vacancy
of Japanese Language Teacher.
But This place had a NZ lady as a Japanese Language
That 's OK. It wasn't neccesary for me.
If I got a job here, My destiny has been changed!!
I 'm satisfing with my present life.

29. Hulmes hotel

There are 2 cats here as quite important hosts.
Their name is Solstice & Gimmy.
Soooo cute.
Cozy embironment,Friendly Stuff & Beautiful
I highly recommend this hotel to everyone who come
& stay in Dunedin .

28. Fortune Theatre

I never been into this place .
I 've interesting in outside of this building
mach more than inside what's going on.


27.Next stop

This is backpackers the name is Next Stop!!
where just I started my NZ life from here.


The B.P. facing on View st.
The street like this...

It's really steep slope!!

not street...slope.

Why cars are OK?

Doesn't roll in down. Amazing!

26.Carnegie Centre

I was going to this place for study English before.
Teacher is so nice person.
I have met with her family as well, when X'mas time.
they are great too!

Bacically, this place for English sperker who hadn't get enough educate
when their child hood.

And they have some culture course it's like HAIKU (Japanese
poet etc.)too.


Normally,Espresso culture comes from Italy
I Know...
And This character who wear a red hat he is a
character from northern Italy...This coffee bag said so.

But his name is KARAGOZ who is a famous Turkish Man!


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

24. This is a chapel ...Wrong

This was a chapel. ...correct
Now,This became an apartment!

I really interesting this place but
the price range doesn't suit for normal residents.

23. The most popular...

Coffee shop in Dunedin.
Mazagran Espresso Bar
36 Moray Place

and the smallest.

Always nice smells comes out.
Many people come'n goes.

Drink there & buy the beans there
with big happy smile.

21. Realto Cinemas


I just remember...
When we watched " Rain of the fire" here.
The movie was so scary.
When I recognized myself, I was sit on
the seat with my back.
Do you know what I mean?!
Almost my bottom was on the floor...

When I come here sometimes I remember
the memorial.

20.nearlist supermarket

and It's newest one as well.(couple of month ago it's opened)

When we need some lettuce suddenly,

We can get it in 30seconds!!

I like the name "Metro"

It's like one of the shop in Paris!