Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

65. Silver Fish

Even cold Dunedin,
We find some insects.

Normally, I don't want to...

But this one!
It's uncommon.

At least, I never seen it
in Japan.

The colour is silver which is
same with the name.

The form is a similar with
small lobster?!

This creature is wonderful
more than creepy...Maybe.

64.Waitangi Day

Once upon a time... the day was quite historical

day between Maori & English.

They made up promise each other for

their good relationship.

And Now,

At many places in NZ,

It held some ceremony or fun festival.

The last picture from Dunedin.
We visit here.
Because of our friend invited us.
Then ,they served us nice mutton birds.
The taste , it's like Japanese boiled fish!!
The reason?
Maybe the bird eating a lot of fish at ocean!