Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

62. I keep continue to walk

News arency & Public phone.

This building has beautiful colour
combination & sculpture...

Baby & Children's castle or their dream world!!

Irish pub.
I never been here .

One of the famous restaurant in Dunedin.
It's American style.

This shop catering for cake on people's special day.
( They sell nomally sandwiches,meat pies etc.
for someone's lunch as well.)

Look at this cake!
But the landscape doesn't to success to show
this cake much better.

61. Walking on the Princes St.

Start from this area where near from our shop.

This! A Chinese take away shop.
It's famous as a fish & chips shop.
Seriously,some of NZer thinking that
fish & chips is one of the Chinese Cusine.
you know? It's original from England
isn't it?!

A gift shop.

There is a post office in a smallest building.
And there is a public space in front of
I can find sometimes a mobile coffee shop

Here you are ! It's High street.
This is a really popular street.

The Casino.
This Casino building consist of Restaurant,
Cafe, Heir salon and Hotel.

This solid building has no tenants which I 've heard.
The reason is simple.
Just the rent is expensive.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Still some of people are interested in NINJYA,
around me.
But clearly I know, friend of mine she loves it.
On the other hand, my Japanese friend
she has a NINJYA doll.
she doesn't interested in it.
So, I got it from J's friend and gave it
to NZ's friend.
Both of them became happy.
I felt happy too!!