Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Friday, January 07, 2011

57. Black Swan

We been to one of the nice place for watch them.

They have some distance from us.
It can be helped.
But I just remember when I met it in Pearth,
They were so friendly...

Parent and chirdren.


They are bit similar with Nessie in The lake of Ness
are they?

They getting back to their home?
They are toward to the North way.

Bye !see you next time!!

After that we been to beach where just
opposite way from them.

Wide, White, Nobody here...except us.

And quiet...

This line is absolutely artistic!!
It's made by wave or wind.

And we found somebody who ride on a horse.

There was so beautiful little trip.
This place just 30minutes away from city centre.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

56. Our cuisine

A photographer from a ad company
taking our cusine photo.

Roll up kebab, pide(Turkish Pizza)
MAZE( appetizer),Baklava,
Apple tea, Turkish Delight,
Turkish breads...
Well, Enjoy your meal!!