Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

At the second work place

    Dark and wet...such a room here is.  there is a small window with iron poles just up
Is here a jail?   No.   Warm lamp, comfy bed reminds me that I wasn`t in a jail.

   Suddenly, An extension phone like alarm is on.  This hair-raising sound makes me
think am I servant instead of a house keeper?

  When I hear the sound I have to go up to ground floor immediately.

   More than a month past in Sydney. I started to work at the 2nd work place.
In the morning, I help to make chldren`s lunch box.  I put a sandwich made by wheat
bran,cereal bar, fruit, a small pack of biscuits etc. in to a colourful tupper ware
(plastic box).

   And I set a box of fruit juice with the lunch box put them into a children`s bags.
And I organize breakfast for the family.  I eat something together.

   After I saw them off  at the kitchen and put everything away to certain place.
Next I turn a washing machine on.

   At same time I vaccumming from 3rd floor.  And I do cleaning children`s ,
wife&husband`s,  guest`s & my own bath room.

   On the middle of the way, I hang laundry out on the laundry line in a green grass
garden on 3rd floor.
   And I go back to the formar work again.

   Next, A glass of dining table,table of living room,A huge wall made with mirror.
I have to polish up all !!
  I have to keep it up even children put their finger prints on it tomorrow again.

  Rubbish bins out,dried laundry in...
This work killing me...Already It`s 3 a.m. now.

   I think deeply.  This is wrong.
I am a just normal working holiday maker.
Learning overseas culture, Travelling, these are main purpose.

Work?...just a little needs. Only when I want money.

This is  really waste of time that a day past with only hard work.
As an interview, there were less work on the listed paper than present.
It`s increased day by day.

My working holiday agency wrote a letter to the host mother.
But she said me,
`If I pay you more, you solve the plobrem do you?`
( she wants  hire me with cheaper wages than proper house keeper.)

Back to the laundry room and ironing. I pick my washed shoes out from
the washing machine. I took it out to the green grass garden.
Then I remember there were many people when child`s birthday party.
And a clown distribute balloons to wee guests.

It was the scene which I`ve been culture shocked .
I viewing a harbour bridge over there.  Now I felt empty.

The host mother put tattoo eyeline in around of her eyes which doesn`t need
write it every day. Her bobbed hair until collarbone length with glossy black
colour. I imagine it`s like the Cleopatra from egypt.

Her walking like a qween always. The attitude maybe from her confidence
which successed to her business.
Host father is a smart lawyer.

The couple become billionaire themselves with their luck of their job.
This gorgeous mantion show us the brilliant story.

There was a bath room which the couple doesn`t use in this house.
One day the host mother orderd me to dust away of the bathroom.
I just went there next to their main bedroom & walk in clothet.

When open the door  I surprise it.
What a wide bathroom is!! It`s like a public one.
I wipe from end to end of a dresser.
I thought if I put away those many small bottle of fregrance on the dresser bench,
must be easy to wipe up.

When I open the cupbored under the bench, I doubt my eyes.
I closed the door quick ,check behind me , and slowly I open the other side as well.
I saw same one.  Which mean the dresser is fulled up with it.

Are they made money with it ?
No No...Maybe this is just tea leaves...Maybe.

I never say to my agency about the leaves,but I only say I want to quit
this job. Notice is one week.

One night. At the kitchen. I let the host mother know about it.
Then she shout me,
`If you don`t like it you shouldn`t stay here anymore. Get out from here

After a second ,
`You can stay tonight. But you have to leave here during tomorrow daytime.`

I upset. What can I do...Suddenly my friend`s face appered in my head.
He is really friendly person but he lives himself at a small room.
I still think in front of a land phone...

I flashed. Yes. Maybe she is OK.
I rang her. She said yes.

Tomorrow morning she came here for pick me up. The host mother gave
me $100 note and she said,
`This is your wages.`

And she showed me her back after she said,
`Good Luck.`