Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dinosaurs ✩ Footprints

   Once upon a time  there were dinosaurs in Kimberley as well...
I joined a tour which is sort of.

Maki booked the tour same time with me.  We visit a beach with other
some European tourists by small wagon.

The wide &straight horizon, rocky many rocks.
But the rock has flat face.  When we walk there bit easier.

A guide lead us.  He orderd us to make a circle on the huge rock.
Then he pointed in a middle of the circle and said,
` This is the foot print.`

It like mold it in clay.  The heel sink deeper.  The guide show us the
panel of foot print.  We could see it`s details clear.
For a while the guide gave us time to looking for another one...

The guide coming & goes to people`s places when they call him.
He is so busy.  He must be a geologist who give a clear decision.
There is a big foot print in front of us.
I tracing the outline of it by my finger.

We are riding  a same rock which dinosaur set foot on.
This is awesome.

If I live in this town when I get upset ,  I`ll come here.
I sit down next to the dinosaur`s mark and watching the horizon
continue to the sky. It`ll be everything clear!!

My mind moving deeply...
Can I find...the something...?  I asked it to the sky.

I am standing on the wonder.
Dinosaurs were arriving is the wonder.  We are living on the earth is
the  wonder.

Well...If I see a new wonder tomorrow, It won`t be a wonder.

But the reality, I know it`s impossible.
There are 2 clues.
The first is `` staying in Broome before someone go out.``
The second is `` when part with something , I may know the how to do.``

Oh so poor of clues...   Yeah It`s absolutely impossible...
If I happen to see the someone...
It`ll be a miracle.