Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Friday, November 26, 2010

19. Still Octagon!!

Normally, I didn't know that Octagon has such
a many shops...
This was good oppotunity to remind me how nice city
there is .

Forsyth Barr Ltd.
This building maybe tallest one in Dunedin?

Hoyts Movie
A lot of children come here in their school holiday.

Nova cafe
I came here with my Hungarian friends a lot.
Our friend work here before.
Cozy atmosphere...

Art gallery
It's free.
That's quite good benefit.

Night'n Day Convenience store
Especially night time many young people come here.

18. Octagon Continued...

Should be locate this Regent theatre between Mash Cafe
and Miss Reid florist. The photo order is wrong

We been here for watching Turkish movie when
It held a International movie festival.
And When It held An uesed books fair too.

This bar has a unique name.

The Craic Irish Bar.
When The St. Patrick Day , Many people come here
for celebrate.

The little rock shop

Ra Bar

Miss reid

Mash Cafe
I drink a honey tea here.
It was so yummy & mild.

This place is busy always too.
There is other restaurant on 2nd floor.
It's bacchus wine bar
Gorgeous restaurant.

17. Octagon from next corner

It's New place I never try here yet.

Craft Bar


It's use natural colour. It's makes us heal...

"I love Merino" this shop has products which is 100%NZ made.

It's looks soooo warm.

Good for souvenirs.

There is a big screen here for watching sports games.

You can eat stone grill meals here as well.


We order our business card here.

Thank you for work for us.

It's Pharmacy.

I bought my sunglasses here.

16. Arond of Octagon

Octagon is just heart ot the city.
It's really good public space for people...

There are a lot of things around of Octagon.
I want to introduce you those...

Civic Centre Complex.
City council, Bank, souvenir shop, cafe and hair salon
etc. in there.

Town Hall.
It's beautiful building. I really love this.

St. Pauls Cathedoral (Anglican)