Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Esperance ( Town of the hope)

     I was having a plan that when I come to Perth I want to go to
Esperance as well absolutely.
I arrived at the accomodation as chilly night and got up in early

I walked to the nearest beach. There were some people who catching
fish. I talked them and got fresh air.

At the accomodation, I saw Saori who I met at Perth station last night.
We discuss at the kitchen about today`s plan.
Because Day tour etc. are expensive and doesn`t flexible time.

Then Saori`s friend Hide came.  We decided that we are going to
share lent a car for drive ourselves.

At Pink Lake, we surprised.  The colour it`s doesn`t pink like a
pamphret. (The colour from water weeds & bacteria which can lives
in salt water.)  It`s close to white.

It`s continuing white ground until the horison.
Sunlight strongly reflect on it. Too windy. We walk little. Then we
found some little paddles.
Inside of the water has pinkish colour.

Is it connect with season or weather?
If more water here, we could to see lovely pink colour.

Next we went to Lucky Bay. That`s  a nice name!
At this place made upside down a common sense.
Normally if sky is grey, surface of the sea can be grey as well.

But this long white sand Lucky Bay has beautiful Emerald green
water even under the dull sky.
What a stunning colour is this...

There was a rocks beach near here.  When Hide climbing up the
rock, 2 girls were eating luncn.
Put some cheese between 2 breads.

And ` I have a whole lettuce! ` I showed Saori.
`Wow good job! Taking Vege is difficult for traveller sometimes.`

When I peel the leaf It was bit muddy.  I bring it  to the sea and I
wash it .
We ate the wild sandwich with bit seasalt accent.

After that we roll up our bottom of clothes and went into the water.
It was warm.  Our opinion were same.
If we live near here and come here every day...
It `ll be a supreme life style!!

Friday, March 22, 2013


 I travelled to Germany without any airway or seaway.  It`s Adelaide
 surburb in Australia where I was little shaken by bus from city centre.
The place German has settled first.

When I got off at the last stop, there was a colourful european landscape
with beautiful sweet flowers.
A carriage and pair passing through by trot.

When I was  enjoy window shopping, I found a black board sign.
It says ` Butter Carving      admission  is free`

I walk down to the building .  Inside is little dark. But some bright
light came in from some small windows up there.

There are many great sculptures it`s like animals, flowers and
famous overseas buildings...
At the end of the exhibition I saw The Marlion. ( It` s Singapore icon
you know?)

Only this has a difference aura.  I thought maybe the artist has
something nice memory in Singapore who knows?!

Time has come to go City back already.
When I look back the Hahndorf again from inside of the bus,
The place seemed a gorgeous painting to me.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Truck driver & Man of the Ocean

 When I got up, the bus was stopping. It`s time to break I thought.
People come in & goes. One of the person who came back from BP
statin, stick something out me suddenly.

My eyes opened clearly . He said,
`Here you are.`
And he sat down next to me & started to eat his wrap himself.

He is an OZ. His name is Andy.
When he sat down first time at the deperture depot,  We greet each

He is going back to his house now from his work place.
He is a truck driver which long hours work.
So the following day is his day off.

I surprised. Because, These passenger are not all of them tourist  like
He gave me his business card.

Because this is his kindness which If this little alien knows native
friend gonna be something easier.

I woke up because chilly. But Andy sleeping in peace.
I worried which he doesn`t feel cold or not.
Because he wear only half sleeve T-shirt in this freezing area.

He holding his own pillow. And some other people as well.
I`ve got a good new idea.  Maybe next time, I`ll take this one.

I just pick up my thin jacket from my small bag quickly for
make myself warmer.

In the wrap  there is some scramble eggs. This is my first
experience to eat meal from BP station.
When we arrived in Adelaide, I have plan to buy something to

But the plan doesn`t came true.

Suddenly bus is stopped for Andy.  Because he lives near here.
He says `Thank you & Bye.`

I saw a small resident area in semi desert from bus window.
I never seen it in my life.
It was a big difference with the Tokyo life.

I  arrived in Adelaide. I walking down to back packers.
City is quiet. Just a few people walking.
It`s like a set of the drama making.

I was lost in front of a big city map on a street.
Then somebody call  me.
` Can I help you?`
There was a surfer(It` s just look like.) Korean boy behind of me.

I told him my back packer`s name.
I really thanks for the help.

He took me there and helps check in for me.
He brought my buggage to the room for me.
So I went to the entrance for see him off.

Then he said his name and `My name which mean the man of the
[ I thought Wow  his looking & name really suit each other.]

He pointed a backpackers where is across the road.
` I staying there. If you need any help, most welcome anytime
you want.`

I just remember about this rumour which somebody says...
` Korean man `ll get status when they get Japanese electricity & a
Japanese lady which has enough strong & high quality.`

When I was staying in Adelaide, I didn`t any chance to know
the rumour is just joke or not.