Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shining under the sea

   Maki she is a best friend in Broome.  We visit to the town centre first.
We thought this town is a beautiful little gem.   It`s like a resort island.

But here is a authentic touristic place.  Still many souvenir shop here.
And  Guess what!?    This town has a storong connection with Japan.
But It`s a sad history though...

We visit to the Japanese cemetary.   A lot  of Japanese divers sleep here who
were picking pearls from in a deep sea.
Many divers were working in North & West Australia somewhere in 1870.

They have good quality of technique.   So they` ve got heaps of work order.
And In 1880, After the Broome became a capital of pearl,  They moved to Broome

Working busy, diving deeper & often which mean getting increase the risk of
Caisson disease too.

-----When people working at the high pressure place ( It`s like a bottom of the sea.)
for a while,  Nitrogen blend into the blood.
After that if you go back to the normal condition suddenly, the Nitrogen become
bubble and block the blood vessels.

On the stone monument,  I saw strong Japanese words.  Those are their name &
their hometown.
I looked still their spirit dwelling there.

I guess that they spent brilliant days here.
But such a tarented  young divers finally couldn`t come back from the deep sea.

*** There is a pearl festival in Broome every year.
    2013  Fri. 13th Sep. --- Sun. 22nd Sep.
   2014   Fri. 5th  Sep. --- Sun. 14th  Sep.
   2015   Fri.  28th  Aug. --- Sun. 6th Sep.