Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Night before the full moon

   Pour some hot water into my cup...   I bring it carefully.  If he seemes
 busy who sitting near the arch, I was going to pass through.
Just in case, I saw the direction.  I surprised. Because we caught our eyes
each other.  It`s like a roaring thunder.

Oh maybe there is no meaning. In the vacant kitchen, if you hear any
sound, you may doubt that somebody is there.

I came nearer to him with bitter smile.
`Still here...?  Doing your homework?`
` You should sit down!`
And then he answered me.
` I `ve done my home work.`

He slowly start to talk about his English school & due of his staying
here...  and so on...

I talked about myself to him too. It`s like an echo.

We met first time today. But the talking continue longer.
We were there together untill 4:30 a.m.

After I gone to bed, still his voice continue in my ears.
`Angel Kiss is doesn`t taste good But SOTB that is funny name
but taste even better.`

He (his name is Ruz.) is a interesting person.
His talk which learnt at his former worked  bar with customers
is fun.  If I have a chance, I want to talk to him again I thought.

During the daytime, I spent time with my mates & We made dinner
I really happy to be with them.

But I still looking for Ruz in a kitchen.

Where did he go during the daytime & dinner time.
Does he come to kitchen again tonight... I have no idea.
But still I went to the kitchen for make my tea tonight.

Brightly lighting in the kitchen.  Even nobody there, always like
that anyway.

I`ve watched  same place. He is there!  When I try to pass through,
 for make tea first suddenly a sound happen.

He slowly kicking a chair which in front of him.  And grinned and
said ,
`Here you are.`
I sat there.

He offered me some cookies. I said him .
` Hey Ruz, You`ll give burden  to your physical If you eat something
such a late night.`

He picked up some eraser grounds and throw them at me with
saying ` You affecting a older sister...`
I told him puffing out my cheeks.
` It`s not affect. It`s real...`

He brought cookie into his mouth.
It seems defiant attitude.

Or he showed off himself with this story which many girls liked
him when he was a member of satellite team of professional
 succer league.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013


      Big shouting with joy. I saw horse between people & people.
Gentlemen bet on a favorite. Ladies make their dress competition each other.

Melbourne is a capital of horse race. But this Ascot one is not too bad too.

I just enjoy a vege pie insted of the race. But my friend he quite enjoy it
more than  his chunky pie.

I saw my mate off on a street.  I upset.
Then Hide who I`ve met him in Esperance invite me to the race at lobby
of an accommodation.

He just had  a  good experience. But he completely beaten.
This time I cheer him up.
On the way back, my mate surprised when they saw us on a street.

I introduce him to them.  We can make our friend circle bigger every day.

The night, I went to Yakiniku(Grilled meat) restaurant with my mates
who stay at same accommodation.  But one of them will leave this place

I have pain in my chest.
I really want to be together longer with every members of my mate.

I was staying in Perth long time as much as I can during my round trip
time.Because of they are there...

I dreaming to meet them in Japan again.  If we can make it, I want to
talk the treasure story of Perth with them.
Till then, I still keep it in my mind...

Many different travellers staying in this place. But almost everybody
eat dinner on same time.  So the kitchen become hectic condition.

Tonight we ate the dinner outside so we could avoid the panic.
After that  we say bye and go back to each dormitory( Then I was stay
in  a single room with some reason.)  for get a tooth brush, towel etc. in
the dark ( Because other people may sleep on the other bank bed.)and
go to the bathroom.

Before you go sleep , If you want to drink something you have to go to
kitchen  back with a tea bag.
( You know BackPackers  hasn`t any amenity set even in a single room.)

This huge kitchen made with 3 middle sized rooms.
Each room connect by place which is hollow out wall with arch formed.

Suddenly, somebody called me from near the arch.
He was my mate T.  Must be he was sitting down there for a while.
I could see that from his empty cup.

T introduce his friend  who sitting front of him to me.
`He is staying in same dormitory room with me. He is a good boy
just 2 years younger than me.`

T is same age with me.  So this boy is 2 years younger than me as well.

He said `Nice to meet to you.` with friendly sweet smile.  It`s like a
pretty puppy.
` Good night.`
I left the place .

I just start to study in my room.

My cup become empty.   Normally I`m enough only cup of tea.
But tonight ,  I thought I want to drink more.

Maybe he is not there...
Anyway I`m going to the kitchen with my empty cup.