Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dinosaurs ✩ Footprints

   Once upon a time  there were dinosaurs in Kimberley as well...
I joined a tour which is sort of.

Maki booked the tour same time with me.  We visit a beach with other
some European tourists by small wagon.

The wide &straight horizon, rocky many rocks.
But the rock has flat face.  When we walk there bit easier.

A guide lead us.  He orderd us to make a circle on the huge rock.
Then he pointed in a middle of the circle and said,
` This is the foot print.`

It like mold it in clay.  The heel sink deeper.  The guide show us the
panel of foot print.  We could see it`s details clear.
For a while the guide gave us time to looking for another one...

The guide coming & goes to people`s places when they call him.
He is so busy.  He must be a geologist who give a clear decision.
There is a big foot print in front of us.
I tracing the outline of it by my finger.

We are riding  a same rock which dinosaur set foot on.
This is awesome.

If I live in this town when I get upset ,  I`ll come here.
I sit down next to the dinosaur`s mark and watching the horizon
continue to the sky. It`ll be everything clear!!

My mind moving deeply...
Can I find...the something...?  I asked it to the sky.

I am standing on the wonder.
Dinosaurs were arriving is the wonder.  We are living on the earth is
the  wonder.

Well...If I see a new wonder tomorrow, It won`t be a wonder.

But the reality, I know it`s impossible.
There are 2 clues.
The first is `` staying in Broome before someone go out.``
The second is `` when part with something , I may know the how to do.``

Oh so poor of clues...   Yeah It`s absolutely impossible...
If I happen to see the someone...
It`ll be a miracle.

Fountain of life

    Dust cloud raising up.   Walking continue. Even that we enjoyed the walk.
Because of fun chat during the delightful time.

We gulp down a bottle of water for water supply.   After we were moistended.
We suddenly found a oasis on the red ground!!

... It was like that. The place looks really gorgeous botanic garden with
growing thick green & the tropic hibiscuses.

But we already know here is not a botanic garden.

There was a counter inside of  a building which located bottom of the
site.   Workers who wear uniform looking after customers there.

Outside, there were some of the place where fenced with flat woods
with wooden door.  We couldn`t open it.  Because the head of the door
says `Gate 2`.

When we see through the fence , we saw some airplanes.  So here is an
airport.   But It`s really unique.   It`s locating in a beautiful nature world.

This place caught my mind.  But time to go now.
We just watch the sign again at the entrance.
`` Broome international airport.``

They say international.  But the mean flying to only near country from
So There is no direct airplane to fly to Japan.

I want to fly away from this airport.   It gonna be a nice memory for me.
But how many airplane I should use to be back.
It must be long way.

If you want to get beautiful memories sometimes you need to be tough.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shining under the sea

   Maki she is a best friend in Broome.  We visit to the town centre first.
We thought this town is a beautiful little gem.   It`s like a resort island.

But here is a authentic touristic place.  Still many souvenir shop here.
And  Guess what!?    This town has a storong connection with Japan.
But It`s a sad history though...

We visit to the Japanese cemetary.   A lot  of Japanese divers sleep here who
were picking pearls from in a deep sea.
Many divers were working in North & West Australia somewhere in 1870.

They have good quality of technique.   So they` ve got heaps of work order.
And In 1880, After the Broome became a capital of pearl,  They moved to Broome

Working busy, diving deeper & often which mean getting increase the risk of
Caisson disease too.

-----When people working at the high pressure place ( It`s like a bottom of the sea.)
for a while,  Nitrogen blend into the blood.
After that if you go back to the normal condition suddenly, the Nitrogen become
bubble and block the blood vessels.

On the stone monument,  I saw strong Japanese words.  Those are their name &
their hometown.
I looked still their spirit dwelling there.

I guess that they spent brilliant days here.
But such a tarented  young divers finally couldn`t come back from the deep sea.

*** There is a pearl festival in Broome every year.
    2013  Fri. 13th Sep. --- Sun. 22nd Sep.
   2014   Fri. 5th  Sep. --- Sun. 14th  Sep.
   2015   Fri.  28th  Aug. --- Sun. 6th Sep.

Friday, May 17, 2013

B.P. Matter

       Nice & Warm shower, Soft & comfy bed at the hotel makes you a part of nice
 memorial of your travel ... normally.
But BackPackers is an accommodation which absolutely difference with that.

There are domitory room. It`s 3~8 people share in a room.   It`ll be together with
stranger. So some people may say no to stay in B.P.

Especially, this B.P.has a 32 bed room.  It`s 4 set of bank beds times 8.
The each set separates by walls but the edge of the walls, there is 1M gaps.
It`s for access to the next room easier.

But the system maybe for the airconditioning.  It can make rooms cooler  together
at once.
Broome is in the Kimberley area.  It`s a tropic climate.  So?  The B.P. doesn`t
give us any duvet, pillow,as well.
We can just lay down on a bed simply. some people do it in a sleeping bag
on the bed.Is it an another good idea?

And most surprise is no hot water for shower.   Even middle of hot summer we use
hot water for get reflesh.   But It can be helped.
There is nothing there.

I can enjoy the sun heated water.
I can be happy everytime.  It`s up to my mind direction.

Comfortable days

  I arrived the information centre.  Inside, heartful colour from wall & the Didgeridoo
sound making good environment.   Then I found a nice tour  brochure
from the shelf .

At the counter I booked a dinosour foot prints tour & BackPackers booking for switch.

When I go out, something appered in edge of my sight. Slowly I look at the way.
I found a couple of lizerd!!  I tried to be closer.   They suddenly stand up & running
away with their 2 legs.

Maybe I scared them. But their running style was so funny. 
It was like a commedy film.

Next day  the next Back Packers wagon came just in front of present B.P. entrance
for pick me up.
As a person who has typical Japanese character I don`t want to give any worried to
the present owner.

Usually Japanese we want to move to the other place qwietly.
Because we dont`t like any fighting from conpetitive of getting costomers between

When the driver put my baggage into the wagon, the present B.P. owner came out.
I been little shocked.
But They doesn`t care.

Hello How are you? blah blah...
Have a good day.    Same to you...

They have smile through the conversation.
My worried gone with the Nothern West winds everything.
I envy people`s relationship in Broome.     I love it.

Local people

   I gone out for looking for an information centre.  Normally people ask how to get
somewhere at the information centre.

I walked for a while. I saw quite a huge open space.  There is only big tree.
It`s spread the branches longer.   Many leaves makes quality shadow area under
the tree.

I saw an aborigine there. I met with local people first time except  a busking
Didgeridoo player in the sightseeing spot.

I asked him the information centre. He pointed a house to me.
I saw it where locating far away.
He continued talk to me.  ` You can go there from right way.`
He indicated the way with his arm.

`Or you may go there from left way.`
His rising arm drawing a circle counter clockwise this time.

And ` Otherwise you`ll go just straight ahead.`

Anyway I said `Thank you.` to him.  After I start to walk, I thought.
Does he fun to me?  Maybe he thought that I`m child?!
(Because  Most Japanese looks younger than real age.)

Or there is such a how to say in their traditional conversation...?
If I get some aborigine friend I may solve the question soon.

But I also worried about their kind mind when they give me their authentic
meal at their welcome party.
  Because I` ve heard they sometimes eat big caterpiller for their protein...

I can`t accept it...  How can I explain them about ` no accept it` doesn`t same
mean` decline our friendship`.
Anybody knows the answer???

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ice breaking to unexplored area

     I woke up with a neck pain.  I was surprised at the landscape through the
 bus window.
The ground is red!!  It`s like chilli sauce!!

I got off from the bus.  The air is so refresh.  It`s against  my imagine.

I bought a Aunt Mac`s pie which was my fashion & a fizzy drink in a petro
At the noon I drank a Wendy`s Ice cream shake .  It was bigger than my

When I doing Ice break to the unexplored area, it was with those Junk food...

After I arrived in a Backpackers, I went out for buy something to eat with an
England couple.  The outside gots dark.

This Backpackers has got little bit a complicated system.   We have to pay
deposit to plates, cutlary, cups each by each except common stuff like pans,
cutting boards etc...

Also I have inreresting in  other Backpackers  what`s going on there. (Because
There are no Backpackers in Japan.  )
So I decided to swich to the other one  after spend 2 nights here which I `ve booked.