Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ice breaking to unexplored area

     I woke up with a neck pain.  I was surprised at the landscape through the
 bus window.
The ground is red!!  It`s like chilli sauce!!

I got off from the bus.  The air is so refresh.  It`s against  my imagine.

I bought a Aunt Mac`s pie which was my fashion & a fizzy drink in a petro
At the noon I drank a Wendy`s Ice cream shake .  It was bigger than my

When I doing Ice break to the unexplored area, it was with those Junk food...

After I arrived in a Backpackers, I went out for buy something to eat with an
England couple.  The outside gots dark.

This Backpackers has got little bit a complicated system.   We have to pay
deposit to plates, cutlary, cups each by each except common stuff like pans,
cutting boards etc...

Also I have inreresting in  other Backpackers  what`s going on there. (Because
There are no Backpackers in Japan.  )
So I decided to swich to the other one  after spend 2 nights here which I `ve booked.