Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

15.Speights Brewery

You can drink fresh beer in this restaurant where next to brewery.

Water is Free. Everyone bring empty water tank.
But the faucet is doesn't work.(It's fake.)
You have to push the button which is orange round one.

I've heared One of Japanese drink company bought Speights company.
Mmm...Which mean...?

14. Dunedin Station

There is no train except any occasion.

And no much difference between old pic. & New one.

13. Cadbury factory

Children's dream world!!
Who said that?
Chocolate are for everyone!!

HP: www.cadburyworld.co.nz

12. NZ cuties (Flowers)

I don't know the names but just cute...

11. Beautiful City Council

This building located just heart in Town.

10. GC (Gold Coast)

It's selling this 2BR 2 Bath 2 carport apartment from LJ Hooker.
Just in front of GC beach.

On the way back, I popped in GC for transit.
There was a Heven.


We gonna be Digital broadcasting next year in Japan.
Most of people have this type of antenna.
So we have to buy tuner.

8.Cats World -2

I'm not tasty though.

Discuss about naughty.

Let's play together.

Anybody is here?

We are open shop Welcome.

Best sized for her?
Thank you cats nice meeting you guys!!

7.Cats World

When I been to Japan(Aug.-Oct.2010),
I went to a cat cafe with my friend.
Heaps of cats there...

I can sleep almost there...

Do you have something yummy stuff?

Don't frighten me!


So much happy.

Which one is stronger?

Nice & Warm

Cleaning myself.

6. Our Kebab


From other way around...

I sometimes draw this sign.
It' s fun for me.

5. Would you like drink a cup of Turkish coffee?

This is so cute...
We can make beautiful Turkish coffee with this small pan.
Mmmmm..... Smell is nice!



Help me!!
It's bought it in NW.


When I restart, Suddenly, Moris Minor's Pic.
gone everything!!!

So I have to add here again+++

I love them###

2. Cherry blossoms

Japanese traditional flower here it is too.


Sep. & Oct. are the season.

It's become everywhere is gentle view...