Eys has got huge power

Eys has got huge power
It can protect you from envy which people had it for you.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Night before the full moon 2

     During the long autumn night in Perth is  much warmer than
Japanese one.   We turned off some lights for saving electric.
Then we noticed before the full moon  outside.

The night was quiet. We view it for a while.
When we noticed that  it`s too late, when 4:30 a.m. again.

Next night we met at kitchen again. It`s like we `ve promised each

He said ` Naughty.` with chucle when I wear a sunglasses after his
Or  ` Make a cup o tea!` The bossy attitude imagined me a scene
of couple who live together.

I told him which I`ll leave here tomorrow.
After he sip a cup of tea he said.
`I knew that there is a fall in love even in a short trip.`

I heard it . It was like a just his opinion after he watched movie.

I wrote a small map on a piece of paper which he  wants to know
the shop.
He put it into his pocket on his T-shirts. carefully.

I`ve got impressed...And he said.
` I extended one more night. You should stay here too!`
He shook my heart.

But the timming that I understood does`n t matter.
I have due to go back to Sydney.  Also I have my seacret purpose.
which I have to accomplish it absolutely.

Even there is almost zero percentage to be success.
But  still I go to the place for no regret.
I have to leave here tomorow.

When I was preparing breakfast with sleepy eyes, Ruz came.
` Oh good morning.` I said.
` I leave here now.`

Then he was waiting  and watch me for a while for wait some
words from me.
But he left here soon with close his lips tightly.

I couldn`t say anything any good word in this situation.
I didn`t have anything seacret intention .
I just was thinking that he is so cute like my little brother...

But now I miss him very much.
Did I like him as well?
`Only during a short trip...`
He said so.

So It` doesn`t complete like the moon...
I`ll be OK.  Maybe.  I guess.